There are many obvious signs your kitchen needs a remodel; others are more subtle; some are coming from the way you feel. If you keep saying "hoos and haas" every time you see an updated kitchen with state of the art appliances or if you feel envy when going to your friend’s house, you have a desire to renovate. But if the room frustrates you, if cooking is no fun anymore, if you notice all that is wrong rather than right, you have a need. Update your kitchen and you will be proud and happy again.

10 most common signs your kitchen needs a remodel

  1. Cabinets falling apart. If one cabinet door doesn't close properly it can be fixed; if there are several, it’s probably time to update.
  2. Leaks and mold. These are signs of major plumbing issues and begging for an upgrade. Mold being a danger to your health, it’s not even matter for debate.
  3. Countertops. They still look dirty no matter how much you clean them or the grout is chipping or you dread rolling pizza dough on it. While you are at it, throw in a backsplash revamp.
  4. Flooring. If it’s damaged or shows signs of worn, it’s telling you something: "replace me".
  5. Small and cramped space. Too many cooks in the kitchen gets a whole new meaning. A better use of the space would make a big difference.
  6. Unpractical layout. For instance the oven and the fridge are too far from the counters and it’s a juggling act to do anything.
  7. Lack of cabinet storage. Clutter on the counters, too many items not contained in cabinets or pantry. Your kitchen needs a remodel, no question.
  8. Outdated appliances. They still kind of work but are not exactly user friendly or are too small.
  9. High energy bills. Upgrade to ENERGY STAR appliances, replace the windows, switch to LED lighting.
  10. Dark and depressing. Renovate with white cabinets and install under cabinets lights, maybe a skylight?

5 unspoken signs

  1. You get depressed when stepping into the kitchen. It may be for several of the reasons cited above, dark, dingy, outdated.
  2. You hide it from your friends. You are less than proud of it and you don't want them to compare yours to their brand new one.
  3. You have seen a similar one in an old movie. If it reminds you of your grandmother's or it looks like a feature from the past, that can’t be good.
  4. It’s not the heart of the house anymore. Your family outgrew it, it’s too small for the gatherings you love so much.
  5. You feel a little jealous when invited to a party at a friend's house and see their kitchen.

Take note of the possible signs your kitchen needs a remodel. An outdated kitchen is not making you want to cook in it, clean it and live in it. The kitchen is not the same anymore, when your family comes home and chats with you while you are preparing supper (and hopefully give you a hand). If you update, you will  add value to your home; a kitchen renovation is a huge selling point and the #1 return on investment.

Not thinking about selling yet? A fully updated kitchen will still be the best feature of your house down the road, and in the meantime will be there for you and your family’s enjoyment.

Your kitchen needs a remodel?