5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

One of the most commonly renovated areas of a home is actually the bathroom. In Houzz's 2014 Winter Bathroom Trends Study, they revealed that 60 percent of homeowners are considering remodeling their master bathroom. The reason for this is that these homeowners are hoping to not only upgrade their master bathroom's features, but also to make better use of the space they have to work with. Here are six growing trends in bathroom remodeling that are steadily rising in popularity:

No More Bathtubs

We have encountered more and more of our clients choosing to remove their bathtub from their master bathroom. In fact, Houzz states that four out of every ten homeowners are choosing to trade their bathtub for a larger shower. The report shows that 36 percent of homeowners between 25 and 34 years old are forgoing a bathtub; this percentage only goes up as you go through the various demographics, ending with 59 percent of homeowners ages 65 and up giving up their bathtub. This shows that this trend is not exclusive to any particular age.

Frameless Glass

Clients are also choosing to trade in their shower curtains for glass shower enclosures. And, when it comes to this glass, our clients are choosing to go with frameless glass instead of large metal rails and tracks that collect debris. Frameless glass is popular because it adds beauty and sophistication to your bathroom and provides an easily cleanable surface, and it also provides a quick and easy way to increase the value of your home.

Adding Light

A lot of our clients are working to increase the amount of light that comes into their bathroom. There are actually many ways of doing this. For instance, adding a skylight or a window is a great way to increase the amount of natural light your bathroom receives. Some of our clients have even decided to add LED lights in their shower, allowing them to brighten it up quite a bit.

White Finish

According to Houzz's survey, the majority of bathroom remodels are going with white cabinets, followed by medium and dark wood. The reason for this is the fact that white goes well with any color, making it very easy to decorate your bathroom.

Satin Fixtures

Satin and brushed nickel continue to be the most popular finishes for bathroom fixtures. The reason for this is that this design provides one of the most durable finishes. Not only does it not show wear, but, depending on the brand, it may not show fingerprints or water spots, making it incredibly easy to keep clean. It is also easy to match with other accessories.

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