5 Big Ideas For A Small Bathroom Remodel

A small bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be about just upgrading fixtures and being functional. Tight spaces can be beautiful too. All it needs is a bit of a vision and creative ideas, all the while keeping in mind that less is more.

Add a “wow" factor to your small bathroom remodel

Walls won’t move and the space won’t expand (unless you are going for a room extension). To make the most of a limited square footage, keep the look simple but add a focal point. An original fixture, like a copper or vessel sink will draw attention and a large mirror will create the illusion of space and reflect light.

If you prefer a more classic design an antique dresser used as a vanity will add “wow” and charm at the same time.

The idea to compensate for lack of space in a small bathroom remodel is to avoid distraction. If there is too much going on, the result will be the opposite of what you aimed for and will make the space feel even smaller.

Keep the floor free and use height for storage

When square footage is precious, we want to use most of it creatively. Adding cabinets and vanities will negatively impact your moves.

When you think about a design for your small bathroom remodeling project, keep in mind you don’t want to stub your toes too often (if at all…)

A pedestal sink is a great solution to “create” space. You can use the walls for storage, with open shelving for example, so the room is light and airy. By choosing clean lines, you minimize the “crowded” effect and maximize comfort.

Create an open floor concept

The thought of open floor concept might give you pause since we are talking about a small bathroom remodel. Not to say you should knock down walls (although you certainly can). But the idea here is to eliminate visual barriers so the room looks larger.

Pick clear glass sliding doors for the shower (no shower curtain if you have a tub-shower combo); keep the wall tiling patterns simple (horizontal widely spaced stripes are a great way to visually expand the space); opt for a frameless mirror to truly unclutter the area. And consider marrying the floor material with a light, slightly sandy color scheme for the walls.

Small bathroom remodel means repurposing space

Your bathroom may be not only tiny, but awkwardly designed. Recesses and nooks and crannies are not uncommon. Take a look at them and ask yourself if that space is not wasted. Is there a small alcove that could be just wide enough for a bathtub? It would both create a relaxing space and become a focal point if you hang a chandelier above it.

An odd corner can become a tiny storage space. Narrow shelves can be used to display a pretty collection of jars. In spaces that are useless and can’t accommodate much more than nothing, add hooks and use them for hanging robes or towels.

Get inspiration from Asia

Asian style and minimalism is a wonderful source of inspiration for small bathroom remodel ideas. It can be sober lines and organic materials, lacquered rich dark colors you can use as an accent to highlight the rest of the room, or combination of pure white with warm wood.You could replace the bathroom door with a shoji screen that will add light to the space, or pick large rectangle tiles for shower wall that will lengthen the area.

By going overseas, you can achieve both a relaxing atmosphere and the simplicity of unencumbered flow.
A small bathroom remodel project does not mean compromising function for design. When you start thinking about upgrading a limited space, look at what is not necessary and examine the elements that are breaking the visual flow. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to transform a small space into an amazing room.

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