Amongst the home remodeling projects, a bathroom remodel is one that requires the most serious of planning. Because of the electrical and the plumbing of the home are involved, this is not a project to take lightly. There are many options available, from just functional to ultra luxurious; your needs, your style and your budget will guide you towards the design that works for you.

What to take into consideration when planning a bathroom remodel

The determination of the budget will depend on how many bathrooms you have in your home. Remodeling the guest half-bath does not require the same budget as remodeling the master bath and transforming it into a spa for instance. Plus, any remodeling, if budgeted properly will add value to your home but the return on investment is not the same for all rooms.

The most common types of bathrooms are:

- The master bathroom, usually en suite, includes vanity, shower and bathtub, sink, mirror, toilet of course and sometimes a bidet.
- Full bathroom, secondary bathroom in the home, the size and fixtures depending on the number of people living in the house.
- Three-quarter bath with a toilet, a sink and a shower.
- The half-bath also called powder room, usually a little smaller, has a toilet and a sink.

Actually even though the powder is the smallest, it’s the one with the best R.O.I (return on investment) because it offers convenience and adds a touch of luxury.

7 tips for a successful bathroom remodel

Here are the major points that need attention before establishing your budget and planning your bathroom remodel:

- Determine the the size of the bathroom, nothing is possible without measurements.
- Decide what materials you want to use (ideally durable and easy to clean but stylish).
- Make your choice between different types of bathtub. (Free standing tubs tend to be more expensive but have a luxury quality to them. Or use an odd space for a built-in).
- Add a shower, if your space allows because it is so convenient.
- Do not hesitate, install a double vanity in the master bathroom... for couples it’s a must have.
- Make the decision to keep or replace the flooring, walls and ceiling, it will
change the look but makes a big difference in your budget too.
- Splurge on light fixtures and decorations for ambiance, this is an affordable upgrade that will give you the relaxing atmosphere you need.

The planning of a bathroom remodel is tedious, the whole process is quite long and can be a little messy the results are well worth it. Besides the fact that you will enjoy your bathroom like a room in its own right, the added value will increase the equity you have in your home.

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