7 Tips for Planning a Home Addition

The family expands, the children are growing up, or for some other reason the house is becoming a little small, you need or want more space and you are thinking about a home addition. You know one thing already, it is going to be a lengthy, messy, expensive project. But how much time, work and money exactly are involved in a home addition?

Steps to planning your home addition

No matter how determined you are and how big your budget is, there is absolutely nothing you can do without the proper documentation. In order to start planning your home addition:
- Gather the proper documentation. Yes it’s all about the property line.
- Talk to your banker; it’s all about budget.
- Talk to your family; it’s all about what you all need.
- Talk to an architect or a builder; it’s all about the design.
- Talk to your neighbors; it’s all about avoiding a neighborhood conflict and even a lawsuit.
- Consult contractors, do your homework on their references and past projects; it’s all -about hiring the right partners..
- Meet with licensed certified professionals who can assess your electrical and HVAC; it’s all about the capacity of your existing system.

Why home addition planning matters

- Zoning laws are very precise and strict and any permanent structure built outside your property line is more likely to be torn down. Consult your local Registry of Deeds.
- This home addition may transform your home into your dream home but the numbers may tell otherwise, or at least force you to adjust your wants and needs.
- Speaking of wants, needs and budget, your family have their idea on the subject. To make everybody happy and stay within a reasonable, realistic budget, rally the troops and make plans.
- You may have a pretty good idea of how you envision your home addition, but professionals view may present you with designs you hadn’t thought about AND make the best use of the space.
- It may sounds silly, but go to small claims court and see how “doing right” by your neighbors can go a long way and avoid negative outcomes (this is not an actual suggestion. Do not go to court to prove our point…!)
- Your family, friends, neighbors, Google, Angie’s list and home improvement stores are a well of knowledge when it comes to choosing a contractor. Referrals from former clients are a stamp of satisfaction (as are good reviews).
- In order to determine the current capacity of your house and evaluate if an upgrade of your system is required to sustain the needs of the home addition, don’t leave it to “I think” and “Maybe”. It’s not just about comfort, it’s also about safety.

Planned properly and carefully, a home addition will become a manageable project involving the whole family. The added space will also add value to your house if you decide to sell. It is important to plan your home addition in a way that gives everybody what they want, all the while staying in budget.

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