Bathing in 2016: Hot New Bathroom Trends

Bathroom remodeling is as popular as kitchen renovation and these 2016 new bathroom trends can help you pick a style or mix and match. Much like the kitchen trends, we are seeing more natural materials and the emerging need for a luxurious yet functional room. The bathroom becomes a true living space where cabinets and furniture have their place. As a finishing touch, technology is not confined to the rest of the house anymore.

New Bathroom Trends bring in natural and mineral elements

Materials like timber, river rocks and natural stone are making a grand entry in the new year’s bathroom trends.
Wood, previously a big no-no in wet areas is now adding a warm and soft feel to the space, on the floor or on the walls. New timber products are designed to be used in the bathroom without warping or being damaged by moisture. Another option is to use exotic timber or ship-building material, though the cost can be prohibitive.
River rocks and natural stone create a garden-like ambiance and you can add a couple of plants to truly get back to nature.

Cabinets and furniture are not just for the kitchen and living-room

Including cabinetry in the bathroom layout like you would in the kitchen is popular now. The edge is to add enough elements without crowding the room but have enough space to store away products and accessories. The new bathroom trends for cabinets finishes star raised panels doors, glass doors in frame in wood tones and smooth lines.
To add comfort and relax as much as in a soaking tub, we want armchairs (and sofas); lamps and side tables are entering the room and rug-like mats are a sophisticated way to combine function and design.
All you need is a fireplace to make a lounge out of the bathroom.

Metallic accents and soft hues with a touch of pink

Pink is the new black, according to new bathroom trends reports anyway. Pastel colors and white are high in demand, but the need for dimension requires a bold move here and there. It need not be a neon pink wall, accessories that contrast with the color palette will do, or inserts in the wall tiles. Purple is less eccentric and is a common color in spas for its mind soothing qualities.
Metal fixtures are trendier than ever, especially in brushed nickel or bronze to keep in line with earthy tones or design chic.

Technology is the hot hot new bathroom trend

The industry has been working on fixtures and toilets for years to save water use. They are adding a few whistles this year, from faucets with smart sensors that detect false activation moves to toilets that flush and wash the bowl in one splash (Optum VorMax by American Standard).
But the real stars are integrated music systems that connect to a smart device and streaming bluetooth, not to mention the extravagant intelligent shower (Digital Shower Experience) developed by Kohler, with aromatherapy, hydrotherapy , music and a touch screen to control it all.

Remodeling will be fun this year, with inspiration from these hot new bathroom trends. Renovation projects can be expensive (especially if we have a long wishlist). Choosing elements from these trends makes it possible to have the bathroom of your dreams without killing the budget.

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