In terms of home addition, ground level decks are very popular. A ground level deck can be an extension of your home, or be installed anywhere in your yard; either way it creates all this new space, a maintenance free area, allowing you to be outdoors and enjoy the weather and the fresh air while close enough to the main house.

How to build a ground level deck - the choice

Building a ground level deck is quite an easy project, if you are handy and keep it simple. There are many types of ground level decks to choose from.

- Platform deck that come in two different types:
Fixed decks. They are attached to your home and require a permit.
Floating deck. Can be “flush” with your home but not attached to it.

- Multilevel decks, especially good for sloped lots.
- Freestanding deck - Just not attached to the house.
- Raised deck for houses with above grade first floors.

From these, you can create your own version, your own vision, adding for instance:

- Fire pit
- Steps
- Railings
- Planters
- Sitting benches
- A roof or a pergola
- A hot tub

How to build a ground level deck - the steps

No matter what their size is, ground level decks are easy to build because they don’t require the same expertise as the ones 12” above grade. That said, there are specific requirements and building codes to take into consideration and respect to the letter. As in any construction, remodeling or addition project, checking the building codes for your state is imperative and so are applying for the rights permits (if need be).

. If you build a ground level deck adjacent to your home and close to a door, make sure you have enough clearance or else you will have to dig.
. If you do not want your wood to rot and decay, especially if you chose the floating deck option:
- choose treated wood
- isolate your wood from the ground with gravel.

. Before doing anything, take precise measurements and don’t forget to measure twice cut once, not the other way around.

. Remember to always check if you are level, at each and every step, as you progress. Start with the grounds that need to be as flat as possible.

The Home Depot offers a step by step tutorial on how to build a ground level deck, the short version for simple wooden deck being:

- Dig holes for posts - Pour concrete - Place post anchors.
- Attach beams to post anchors then attach rim hoists and angle brackets.
- Attach inner joists to beam faces and add fasteners to joists.
- Trim any excess wood all around.
- If you chose unfinished wood it will have to be treated, sealed and varnished or painted.

Building a ground level deck right before summer is a decision you won’t regret. It will add value to your home and make the season so enjoyable that you will be left wondering why you haven’t thought of it sooner. A plain platform deck will not be very expensive to build but might not bring a big return on investment (ROI); but a very expensive deck won’t either, balance is everything. Remodeling Magazine published a cost Vs value report in 2014 showing that a deck can have a 87% ROI.

Depending on the type of ground level deck you chose, you may choose to hire the help of a contractor. Watching a video tutorial by a professional makes the project look easy but you will also realize that the skills required are beyond yours. You want to enjoy your deck, not hate it for being such a time consuming project.

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