Connect Indoor And Outdoor With A Sunroom Addition

Isn’t a sunroom addition just the best way to let the outdoors flow indoors? What you get from it is not only a sense of openness and more light, but also a seamless look to your home. The sunroom addition must complement the exterior style of your house.

What do consider before doing a sunroom addition

What will you use your sunroom addition for? Will it be a dining room, lounge room, playroom, a gym maybe or used as an extension of the family room or a shaded solarium with or without a swimming pool...
Most sunroom additions, even the prefabricated ones, have to rest on a concrete slab and will have to comply with the zoning requirements and local building codes. Choose the optimal location and the size; will it go the full length of the front of the house or will it be on the side? Typically, you want the sunroom positioned where it meets the backyard, or the best sun exposure.

Ideas of sunroom addition

The use of the sunroom addition and the style of your home will guide you in the right direction and let you choose one of the main options:
- 4 season room
- Screened-in porch
- Attached greenhouse

Will you also build a deck or maybe a terrace at the top or a walkway around it?

Choose your shape:
- Curved
- Squared
- Gazebo style

Choose your siding:
- Vinyl
- Wood
- Aluminium

Choose your roof:
- Gable roof
- Single slope roof
- Glass roof

Choose your windows:
- How many windows? They bring more natural light but add to the cost.

A sunroom addition will let you enjoy the outdoors all year round no matter the weather conditions. It will add value to your home and if you know how to balance the budget, and do not go too overboard, you will have more equity if you decide to sell your home.
Depending on the style of your home you might want or need to add columns to stay in keeping with the overall design.
Once you have an idea of the size and style, you can work on the details such as the budget, building permit requirements and homeowner’s association rules, if applicable.

A sunroom addition is a great way to add square footage while keeping the house bright and airy. Before getting on with the project, take time to explore, get ideas from the neighborhood or publications, and visualize. Your sunroom should compliment your house, not look like an odd extension.

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