Enter The Zen Zone: 5 Backyard Retreats Ideas

The notion of backyard retreat evokes a quiet and serene space; one where we can escape for a few moments to regroup, maybe away from the kids or after work. Your outdoor living space may already well appointed to entertain, host dinners and lounge, but do you have that zen corner that will truly complete it? Slightly away from the house, tucked at the end of a walkway, a space independent of the rest, with its own style and vibe.

What is your idea of backyard retreats?

You can get inspiration from what’s already be done but one step is essential before designing and building your oasis of peace. How do you envision yourself in it? What is it that you like doing most when you let go? Read? Nap? Meditate? Or are you more into contemplation, just sitting and admiring plants and butterflies flying about. Do you want to keep it fresh and shady or do you prefer drenched in sun and light?
Whichever your vision of the Zen zone, think about the path that will take you there: it should create anticipation and please you as much as the destination. Create levels, add steps, design a progression. Even if the walk from the main outdoor space or from the house is a short one, it’s half the pleasure.

1- Rugged, simply organic and the mountains to keep you company

Organic elements and living is all the trend this year, and likely the next few. We’ve seen earthy elements enter the kitchen and the bathroom. It’s only natural to enjoy them at the source. If your yard offers a spot with a mountain view, claim it.


Backyard retreats that blend with the landscape achieve two things: bring you closer to nature and lend themselves to different non-activities. In this oasis designed by Paul Wrona, the visual elements are kept to a minimum to keep a sense of majesty. The low wall adds rustic charm and makes it your own space without spoiling the view.

2- 3- Backyard retreats for siesta lovers

When life, work and responsibilities are reaching that “too much” stage, a space where you can nap is what you need. Ask yourself if you would, occasionally, share the space, in which case a daybed is necessary. If it’s a solo relaxing time, a hammock or a comfortable lounge chair will do. In all cases, peace and comfort are the keyword



Amidst luscious plants, under a pergola to prevent sunburn, mineral or vegetal, restful is the goal.

4- 5 One with the elements

If Zen is a state of mind, it fits perfectly as a style for a private oasis. Water, pebbles and rocks and a bench. A retreat always needs at least a bench, or an Adirondack chair.



Backyard retreats don’t have to obey design diktats or trends. The only principle to apply is to create a space that is entirely your own, seamlessly blending with your outdoor space or completely different and unique.

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