Essential features of a mediterranean remodeling

When it comes to mediterranean remodeling , there are some essential features that you really need to incorporate in your design. Mediterranean architecture is very popular in Florida, California and Arizona; but you can choose to just work on the interior, one room at a time.
The main characteristic of this style is the use of colors: always deep warm earth tones mixed with crisp whites, and yellow and blue pastels in order to mimic the countryside.

Overview of Mediterranean remodeling style

When talking about mediterranean design, most people think about Italy, Spain (the “Spanish Modern” style) and South of France, but it is very important to know that we are talking about an influence from the whole Mediterranean basin, including North Africa, Turkey, Greece… The influence on the design can differ quite a bit but the whole region shares some features.

The colors, textures, finishes and accents evoke warm sunny, lazy afternoons at the beach or in the countryside.

The colors are meant to incorporate the natural beauty of the outdoors, indoors.

The tiles are particularly interesting. The motifs are elaborate and tiling installed throughout the room, not only the floors but often the walls and backsplash.

You can accentuate the rustic feel in mediterranean remodeling by adding more natural stones as accents pieces.

This architectural design always incorporate arches and curves somewhere in the room.

Finishing touches
Adding an element of wrought iron is always an elegant finishing touch.

Mediterranean remodeling : the kitchen

On the Mediterranean as in many other places, the kitchen really is an essential room.
Some kitchen have hardwood floors but Mediterranean kitchen usually don’t
Their owners prefer tile floors. It will depend on your budget, you can go for marble floors or terracotta tiles.
No kitchen undergoing a mediterranean remodeling will be true to style without extra-care when selecting cabinets. Choose dark warm wood (such as walnut) raised or recessed panels cabinets.

Finishing touch
A ceiling rack with copper pans is the perfect finishing touch for the kitchen.
If you can add wooden ceiling beams, you will have achieved the perfect mediterranean inspired renovation.

Mediterranean remodeling: the bathroom

The color scheme of the mediterranean bathroom can be a little more bold. The style is simple but luxurious, reminiscent of Turkish baths.

The use of tiles from floor to ceiling is not unusual for the shower area, the rest of the bathroom just white, beige or light yellow walls and accent mosaic tile backsplash.
But the floor is definitely tiles, it can be terracotta but there are many other designs such as painted ceramic tiles, the most popular being hand painted with blues and yellows.

Cabinets and the vanity, typically display warm wood tones with a stone or tile top.

Finishing touch
The use of arched or curved entrances and doorways is typical of Mediterranean remodeling designs.
The addition of iron in hardware, pulls and handles is the detail that makes the difference.

Mediterranean design is so romantic, so joyful, rustic and elegant at the same time that even one room in your home will make you happy and feel that you are on vacation somewhere on the riviera. A mediterranean remodeling has to obey to some principles and criteria to achieve the wanted look and feel. We visualize shimmering waters, bright sunshines, warm days and vibrant sunsets.

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