Get Your House Ready For Spring

Is your house ready for spring and the beautiful time all the way to Fall/Winter? Now is the time for spring cleaning on a large scale. The task seems overwhelming, so it’s best to be methodical and go through a checklist. Mark what you can do yourself, what will require professional intervention, and don’t hesitate to mix the boring chores with the fun ones, like gardening!

Spring cleaning inside your home usually includes:

- Washing windows
- Cleaning ceiling fans and light fixtures
- Cleaning fireplaces
- Steam cleaning the carpet

It is invigorating to clean the house, the windows open to let the fresh air in with all the scents of spring.

Spring cleaning outside your house will be:

- Checking roof for loose or missing shingles
- Free gutters of leaves and debris
- Have your chimney checked
- Pressure wash the driveway
- Check your windows and front door, they may need attention, caulking and/or a fresh coat of paint.

More importantly, getting your house ready for spring means:

- Schedule HVAC maintenance (heating ventilation, air conditioning systems), change filters and test run to make sure your A/C will be in working order when the hot summer days and nights hit.
- Test your emergency systems, home alarms, smoke alarms and smoke detectors (as you should do in the fall as well)
- Have your attic checked for bugs, rodents and mold.

Amongst the items on your to-do-list, there is a lot tant you can do yourself, or as a family project, everyone with their own list and tasks accomplished in common. Regular maintenance all through the year ensures no big surprise hits you. But Spring brings that particularly energizing need to tidy up and spruce up, indoors and outdoors.

Getting your house ready for spring can also be revamping your outdoor living space. The weather is ideal for a larger scope project, before it gets too hot to move around dirt and pavers.
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