Only Hire Insured Licensed Contractors

When you look for professional help for a remodeling or construction project, you should always make sure you hire only insured licensed contractors.

A license ensures the contractors meet the state requirements and are likely to know their job.

Contractors Insurance is a also good indication of how serious a contractor is. By protecting his business with a policy, he also protects you and your property.

Why is contractors license a must?

Any contractor who is unable to provide his license number should raise a red flag in your mind. To perform a construction or remodeling job, professionals must be licensed in the state of California ( as in most states). A contractor’s license is the assurance that you hire experienced tradesmen who obey strict rules defined by the Contractors State License Board.

While it may be tempting to turn a blind eye and hire an unlicensed contractor to (allegedly) save money, the risks you face are not worth the savings.

First of all, it is illegal, so any recourse in case of a disagreement, injury or damage is compromised.

Secondly, a contractor who is willing to work outside of the law may very well not be scrupulous when it comes to quality and respecting his part of the contract. Too often, homeowners are left with unfinished projects, kept waiting on delivery for whatever (dubious) reason and end up over budget due to poor planning.

You don’t want to be part of a horror story. Licensed contractors are the guarantee of a construction or remodeling project done according to building code and with respect for the clients.

Insured licensed contractors  add security to a project

Contractors, their subcontractors and workers are certainly taking every precaution when they work on a project (from safety to being careful not to damage anything on your property), but accidents and damages can happen.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover incidents that occurred during a construction or remodeling project. The state of California requires general contractors to carry worker’s compensation insurance if they have employees. That is one less worry in case a worker is injured while on the job.

Contractors can also opt to carry a general liability insurance, which covers costs incurred in case of a legal claim for injury or property damages. The general liability insurance is an additional protection for homeowners who won’t have to worry about medical expenses or repair costs.

No matter how small the project is or if you think nothing wrong can happen, hiring only insured licensed contractors is a guarantee that the work will be executed legally, properly and with no risk of going bankrupt due to unintentional actions.

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