Home Maintenance Checklist: Fall To-Dos

Keeping your home in good shape is a full time job, which is why it’s important to have a home maintenance checklist to make sure everything gets done. Different seasons bring different problems, and different methods must be taken so your home stays comfy and cozy, regardless of the time of year. While a good all around checklist can save you lots in time, money, and stress, especially now, fall maintenance is critical; make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

Home Maintenance Checklist to get ready for winter

San Diego winters may not be as harsh as, say, Alaska, but the temperatures drop, the weather is not as balmy and elements get to play around. Fall maintenance is about making sure the house is locked down nice and tight to keep the cold from damaging the home, and the heat from slipping out. A Fall maintenance checklist can help you do this.

Check your house for peeling paint

A loss of paint indicates the primer has faded, and that the walls are no longer fit to protect from the elements. It’s a small problem to fix, but will become much more difficult if the damage is allowed to spread.

Check for cracks in the walls

A crack in the wall can translate to a loss of heat, which will increase heating costs. Furthermore, a crack leaves an opening for pests looking for a warm place to lay low for the winter. Fortunately, such openings are relatively easy to repair with caulk, if you take action early.

Inspect the Fireplace

Keeping the fireplace clean, well maintained, and clear of obstacles will increase fuel efficiency and decrease pollution and other dangers within the home.

Schedule an HVAC inspection

From wiring and control systems to leaky ducts, your HVAC may not run as efficiently as it should. An inspection twice a year is recommended, spring and fall, so you’re ready for temperature peaks and drops. Stock up on filters as well to keep air quality optimized.

Exterior automnal chores

Clear and check the gutters

A clogged gutter can freeze when winter sets in (should it get that cold), or burst, or collapse from weight. This can also cause the roof or weaknesses in the ceiling to become waterlogged, encouraging the growth of mold- another dangerous, expensive problem.

Tend to the Yard

Move fragile plants and pots indoors or empty of soil- seal the deck similar to the house and driveway to avoid damage, degradation, or rot. Have the appropriate yard tools ready to go.

A Home Maintenance Checklist can mean the difference between a cozy fall and winter season and paying off hundreds of dollars worth of preventable damage. Keep your home safe, comfortable, and in good condition with regular fall maintenance.