Houses Are Going Green: Home Remodeling Using Eco-Friendly Materials

Home remodeling using eco-friendly materials is acquiring popularity. We are all concerned with sustainability and protecting Earth as best we could. That’s not to say we give up electricity and hot water (or just water, for that matter), nor are we reverting to candles for light and forget modern comfort. The construction industry is introducing more and more products that contribute to saving resources without compromising style.

Sustainable flooring products for home remodeling

For the longest time, we thought laminate wood flooring was the right thing to do to protect forests that are growing slower than the demand. The intention is commendable, since logging and fuel requirements alone are responsible for 19% of the world’s deforestation.

However, it doesn’t age as well as real wood; refinishing is impossible, and in the case of room extensions, matching can be a challenge if the style has been discontinued.

The sustainable alternative is bamboo. Bamboo is not new and has been used for flooring as well as cabinetry for a while, but it is now reaching near-stardom. Bamboo forests don’t just provide delicious leafy food for pandas. They grow fast on poor soil and require very little water. In many aspects, it grows like a weed: minimum maintenance and minimum care.

Carpeting is still hugely popular in America, especially for bedrooms and living rooms. Your home remodeling can include real wool carpeting instead of synthetic fibers. Wool is a natural insulation material, soft and warm to the touch.

The sheeps absorb the carbon in the air and transform it into wool, making it one of the best sustainable, renewable fibres.  It’s twice as durable as engineered carpeting, bears no chemicals and comes in a large range of textures and colors. So yes, you can have it all!

Home remodeling with recycled, eco-friendly materials

The “going green” trend gives a second life to materials that have exhausted their original use.

Glass is recycled to create countertops with a “wow” effect. The pattern and color scheme possibilities are endless. A recycled glass countertop is as durable as granite and easy to maintain. Look for a manufacturer that does not add petroleum resins and additives and sources from post-consumer glass and your home remodeling will be a true eco-friendly project.

The same is true for paper. It transforms beautifully into countertop material that makes us think of Corian®. The fabrication process involved treating (with natural products) and baking to ensure density and durability. Recycled paper countertops is a great alternative to the more traditional stone and the less warm plastics.

Multi-purpose reclaimed materials

A home remodeling project is a perfect opportunity to introduce “new old” materials in the house, be it as accent, wall paneling or furniture.

Reclaimed sorghum stalks that remain after harvest, for example, become beautiful panels that fit well with any style. It comes in different thicknesses depending on the use you make of it. It’s versatile enough to cover walls or ceilings, cabinetry or furniture and adds an organic element to your. Easy to work with, it can be sanded and stained.

And since we talk about reclaiming and a second chance, let’s include wood itself in the list of sustainable remodeling materials. Wood floors, barn doors, beams are rescued from demolition or renovation projects and are given a second life to be floors again, or furniture. Mixing several woods can give a unique texture and style, rustic or modern. In some cases, the timber had been used ages ago, which contributes to its charm and brings history into your house.

The next years are going to see a surge in including natural products and repurposing what we discard in the home remodeling industry. Whether we turn to sustainably produced materials or invent new ways to recycle, we are bound to witness incredible creativity.

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