How New Lighting Solutions Change Everything

New lighting solutions are becoming a big part of construction and remodeling projects. While we may have given it only a passing glance before (I need light here, here and here), we now consider it a mission in its own right. New lighting solutions change everything because they become a lifestyle with a purpose. It is as much about saving energy as it is redefining the way we use and need light.

New lighting solutions: the LED revolution

If you regularly visit hardware stores, you have witnessed the evolution in the history of bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are out, energy efficient is in. Little by little, the good old incandescent lamp with its filaments is replaced by new generations. (It’s almost sad, you could tell if a bulb was good just by shaking it to hear if the filament was broken). By 2018, California will have phased out the use of incandescent lighting. CFL bulbs made a grand entry. Compact Fluorescent Lamp, with their spiral or A-line shape. But ever since government regulations across the globe put the manufacturers in a frenzy, they have been working around the clock to come up with better lighting solutions.

The LED revolution has started. Light-Emitting Diode.

LED lights present several advantages: they are incredibly efficient with low power consumption; they last many years so the fixtures require less maintenance; they come in a variety of brightness levels and color temperatures; they have a very low heat coefficient.
In your construction or remodeling plans, make sure to give ample space and budget to LED lights.The ranges of brightness and ambience features allow you to have different designs based on the use of the room.

Fairly more expensive than CFLs, LED bulbs have come a long way since they were a luxury products. And manufacturers and distributors are anxious to convert us and often offer rebates.

New lighting solutions are smart

Motion activated lights are so old school (but the clapper is still in very high demand in hardware retail). Smart technology now goes hand in hand with your lighting solution, if you are so inclined.

From the convenience of your smartphone, you can connect to every room of the house and turn on, off or dim a light. The mobile devices are literally command central.

Imagine coming home on a dark winter evening and be welcomed by a lit house. If you want to go all the way with your new lighting solution, you can even set a wake-up time or sync with music and movies (Philips Hue).
If you desire more smart in your house, consider hooking up the whole electrical system and heating to your device (LightwaveRF). You will be able to monitor your consumption at every level, light fixtures, appliances, equipments, boiler… By setting up daily routines based on your schedules, you can have all switches and thermostats in the palm of your hand.

Lastly, we couldn’t talk about a few new lighting solutions without mentioning what’s next. Leaders in the industry are working on integrating light to wall and flooring materials. By adding a myriad of minuscule LED bulbs to drywall or carpet, we will have a glowing house and no need for a night light anymore.
New lighting solutions are created every day to make our life easier and to help us save more and more energy. When you sit with your contractors and talk about your construction or remodeling project, don’t forget to spend time on the lighting system. Just remember that, ultimately, it is about your needs and functional design, before apps and gadgets.

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