How To Approach Basement Remodeling

Your house is comfortable and you love it but you are thinking about repurposing an existing room,  a room addition or maybe a basement remodeling. But what will your new space be and how to handle it?

How to approach basement remodeling

The first thing you need to do is sit down, think about what you need and about what you want;  maybe you will be able to combine the two. If yours is an almost finished basement that just needs sprucing up, with minor remodeling such as painting and flooring, you can do it yourself. But for bigger projects, it’s wise to get a professional consultation to assess feasibility, requirements, and other structural components.Contractors will be able to heck with your municipality for permits requirements and California building codes. Their estimate will take all elements into consideration:

- insulation and ventilation needs
- water issues, the state of foundations and walls for cracks and leaks
- drywall needs
- ceiling  addition if there is none
- plumbing for sink, toilet, bathtub,sauna, shower etc..Flooring
- electrical wiring and fixtures

Ideas of Basement remodeling

Most families transform their basements into playrooms but it’s not the only option. Your basement remodeling project can turn this extra space into:

- A studio apartment, if you decide to invite you parents or in-laws to live with you
- A home based business, in that case the space will become an office
- A laundry, mud-room or a work studio for your hobby such as pottery, painting etc…
- A home theatre complete with recliners
- An entertaining area with kitchen, bar etc, so you can have big parties

You have made your decision concerning your basement remodeling, have your measurements and your notes, now you can define the materials you need and establish a budget, if you decided to become a Do-it-yourselfer.

If you choose to entrust the project to a contractor, he will do all the prep work, counting, measuring and budgeting (and building/remodeling, not the easiest part).

And of course the fun part is all yours, thinking about and shopping for furniture, decorations (and your mind goes straight to curtains, throws and pillows) and other flat screen tv and surround sound systems..
Besides the extra space, doing a basement remodeling will also add value to your home. That is why the before and after pictures might come in handy. Even if you do most of the work, remember that you want to ask professionals to take care of the sensitive parts such as plumbing and wiring, so that your new room will be up to codes.
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