Find Inspiration For Your Home Projects At The Del Mar Home Show

If you happen to have a green thumb, are looking to make improvements to your home and garden, or just generally enjoy the art of home decor, you're not going to want to miss this year’s Del Mar Home how. The 27th annual Fall Home/Garden Show is taking place September 23rd through the 25th. Whether you’re looking to remodel a bathroom, trying to spruce up your backyard/BBQ setup, or renovating the guest room, the Del Mar home show will no doubt give you some insight on the best way to make that happen.

What to Expect at the Del Mar Home Show: Exhibitors, Events, and Seminars

Perhaps one of the most entertaining portion of any event are the exhibits, and the Del Mar Home Show is no exception. This year, they have over two hundred and fifty exhibits put on by a large number of exhibitors. These shows cover many aspects of both the home and gardening processes, and provide experts for all of your questions. It’s okay if you don’t have much of a green thumb, because the thumbs here are some of the greenest thumbs around.

Del Mar Home Show Events

The Del Mar Home Show features a large variety of shows and seminars, including the Entry Garden, the Garden Marketplace, and opportunities to meet with experts and designers.

The Entry Garden is a beautiful array of potted plants and garden fixtures designed to make you feel right at home and give you ideas for your own outdoor furnishes and features. The variety of plants provide a number of unique looks to accommodate a myriad of styles and tastes among homeowners and guests alike.

If you’ve had enough of simply looking around, or perhaps you’d prefer a wider range to window shop, the Garden Marketplace offers you the opportunity to transform the garden on your property into the garden in your heart. Supplied by a number of the highest- quality, exclusive Nurseries all across San Diego County, the Garden Marketplace offers you a chance to get your hands on some of the most unique and beautifully grown plants for miles around.

Discount tickets

Are you interested in the festivities, but not sure if you can afford the price of admission? Consider getting tickets early to secure exclusive discounts! September is coming up fast. Tickets will likely be in short supply as the dates approach, so grab yours now. Early applicants can obtain tickets online for only six dollars, and children get in free! On top of that, there’s an opportunity to win additional free tickets as well as a discount coupon.

The Del Mar Home Show allows San Diego residents to let their imaginations run wild as they envision and explore the perfect home and garden setup. Don’t miss out on being part of the fun!

Collom Construction will be represented at this important event. We'll see you there, booth 607!