2016 is an amazing year in master bedroom remodeling trends. The private space is taking center stage as people realize how much time they spend there (even if we sleep for many hours). The master suite is where we start the day and where we end it. It makes perfect sense to transform it into a home within the home, a space where we feel good, at peace and in comfort.

Incorporate textures in your master bedroom remodeling

In line with the trends we spotted for kitchens and bathrooms, the trend is to incorporate textures and earthy colors in the master bedroom remodeling plans.  Carpeting is soft to the feet while textures walls add dimension to the room, whether with wallpaper, colored glazing or plaster.

By adding a focal point, art on the wall or  hand painted floral decor, you give the room a wow factor without crowding it with too many elements.

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Whether you prefer wood, metal, stone, or brick, natural materials are bringing texture with personality. The warmth and pattern of wood grain can stand out beautifully against pale colored walls in a well-lit room. A combination of metal and stone can dramatically enhance the space by always looking interesting.

Master bedroom remodeling with charm and tradition

Rustic never goes out of style. Bedroom designs that invoke living in the country, feeling raw and natural and reminiscent of simpler, quieter times are popular. This look traditionally incorporates natural wood and stone. The addition of antique furniture will truly make you feel like you moved to a farmhouse surrounded by peace.

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Traditional outfitting is another popular trend in master bedroom remodeling. It has the advantage of never becoming boring, since you can always revamp it with newer elements without redoing the whole space.

Hotels have mastered the challenge of always looking traditional and current at the same time, and the trend makes its way to homes.

Minimalist modern approach to master bedroom remodeling

Grays, blacks, and off whites in different finishes will add interesting visual effects to the master bedroom. Pops of bold, rich colors will soften the coldness and well conceived lighting plans will highlight areas and avoid feeling in the dark.

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Your master bedroom remodeling design can also combine the modern lines of northern Europe style. Danish design, for example, will make a  beautiful statement, with its alliance of warmth from the wood frame and simplicity in clean lines.

Trends come and go. Your master bedroom remodeling doesn’t have to be about following what is popular and compromise your own style. The space has to be about you and how you envision the time you spend there. Improving it can be just replacing the flooring, or adding practical elements (or removing impractical ones), changing the color scheme or updating decor.

And when you start thinking about remodeling your master bedroom, give some thought to the bathroom and get yourself a beautiful master suite.

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