How To Maximize Your Garage Workspace

The garage workspace! Its role has evolved from parking space to storage unit to workshop. So how can you maximize the area? The first thing you have to do is to get to work, sort things out, reorganize. Maybe it’s a good occasion to host a garage or yard sale, giving you more space to work with and some extra cash to play with. In order to maximize your workspace, you pretty much have to rethink the garage in its entirety.

Before maximizing your garage workspace, answer these questions

  • Does you car stay in the driveways or do you need to keep some covered space for it?
  • How many square feet are packed with boxes full of “stuff” in what you call your storage space?
  • Do you need space for small DIY projects? In that case that will involve tools, hardware and maybe a work bench.
  • Will you include some design, new flooring, new ceiling, light fixtures?
  • What is your budget?

What are your options to maximize your garage workspace ?

Once you have taken your measurements in order to determine what space will be dedicated to what and your budget, find out what your options are within said budget.
A garage usually has 3 walls (the 4th being the garage door, it’s not usable) which makes it easier to determine each workspace.The rest will be all about storage!

Flooring: you can paint your concrete floor or use peel and stick garage tiles.

Ceiling: unless you want to improve the lighting or install a ceiling fan, you don’t have to touch it. But you can make good use of the otherwise wasted space by installing some overhead storage units for items you use the least, or for the oversized ones such as bicycles, skis, snowboards etc…

Walls: add shelves, drawers, cabinets. Each section will determine what kind of storage you need, obviously small items such as screws and bolts need to be in small boxes which in turn need to be grouped in bigger boxes.

One of your best organizing buddy to make your garage workspace functional will be a pegboard. It’s easy to install, costs very little and, placed strategically, makes everything handy: all the tools you use the most will be right there when you need them. If you are extremely organized and tidy, you might want to install bigger closets and cabinets. Everything is hidden for a very neat look.

Once you have arranged your garage workspace, stay organized and avoid one section to overflow into the other. Now that you have created your different sections, keep them separate. For visual identification you can choose different colors, that way there won’t be any mistake and things will not get mixed up.

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