Flooring should never play second fiddle to other remodeling decisions, and these modern home flooring ideas can help you decide what to put underfoot. Whatever you choose, your flooring will make a big visual impact on your home in general and the room in particular. Here is a list of the top five innovations in home flooring that are gaining momentum.

Top 5 modern home flooring ideas

Cut and loop carpet

Say goodbye to standard carpet and hello to cut and loop carpet, a method that blends loops and cut loops for a modern flooring with a cleaner finish. The variable height of the pile creates patterns and textures, as well as a contrast in color tones. While this carpet outshines others in the personality department, it is also more expensive due to the extra steps in production.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s actually the best of both worlds. Realistic looking, high quality photos of wood or stone are digitally printed onto vinyl flooring, then cut into the shape of planks or squares. This modern home flooring idea merges the luxury look of oak or marble with the durability, water resistance and lower price of vinyl.

Large format tile

Standard 12x12 tiles are old news, as homeowners are choosing large format tiles in sizes of 12x24 and 36x36. Larger tile surface creates a more spacious feel, and some tiles are sporting digitally printed wood, marble, concrete or fabric looks (similar to luxury vinyl). The sizable surface area also makes the tile very heavy, and requires it to be installed on a perfectly level surface by a professional installer.

“Reclaimed” wood

New factory-finished hardwood flooring uses modern technology to create the look of wood salvaged from a demolished old barn. This modern home flooring idea gives your habitat a rugged cozy look with its hand-scraped charm, minus the high price of restoring old wood. Factory-finished “reclaimed” wood is more resistant to moisture and less likely to warp and bend after installation.


The most eco-friendly of all modern home flooring ideas on this list, cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree and regrown over and over again. The durability of cork protects it from cracks and water damage, and it is more comfortable to walk on than harder floors like tile and hardwood. Cork has acoustic and thermal insulating properties, so rooms with cork flooring are warmer and quieter than others.

Choosing your flooring

When deciding which flooring idea to implement, consider your personal lifestyle and preferences. Durable flooring is important if you have children, pets or high-traffic areas. Moisture resistant flooring is a must-have in bathrooms and kitchens. Choose a low maintenance option if you want flooring you can forget about. Remember to factor your budget into your choice as well.

These modern home flooring ideas fuse function and fashion to give your environment the unique touch you are looking for. Whether you want personality, sustainability or budget-friendliness, there is a flooring for that. Leave the old behind, and embrace a new look for your home.

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