Navigating The Kitchen Countertop Options

Navigating the myriad of kitchen countertop options is a bit overwhelming at times. If you are tired of the dents and cracks of your working surface, or find it hard to clean the grout of your tiled top; if your kitchen is a little outdated but you do not want to go through a full blown renovation, you can revamp your countertop, so long as you know enough to choose the material that is right for you.

Before exploring the available kitchen countertop options, take into consideration a few factors

- Should you replace or repair
- How much material will you need
- What will the maintenance be
- Will you do the work yourself
- Will you hire a contractor

Your kitchen countertop options, their qualities and inconvenients

Your style and personal taste will guide you towards the type of kitchen countertop material you need but the maintenance should also be an important factor:

Granite is beautiful and durable.
- But it has to be sealed regularly.

Natural stones are very popular because they offer a wide variety of hues and texture, are heat resistant and durable.
- But they are porous and have to be sealed when installed and resealed regularly.
- The softer ones like marble or limestone can chip or crack.

Cultured-stones such as quartz are a blend of quartz and pigments hat will look natural and offer different kitchen countertop options in one family of products, just with textures and colors. Maintenance is very easy, no sealing, they are heat resistant and do not crack.[/x_icon_list_item]

  • Other kitchen countertop options like glass or concrete are heat resistant, easy to clean and do not fade or age.
    - But can be scorched or scratched and concrete kitchen countertops are prone to stain, so must be heavily sealed.
  • Metal countertops like stainless steel, copper, pewter and zinc are extremely durable, antibacterial, heat and stain resistant
    - But can be scratched, scuffed or dented. Keeping them shiny and smudge-free is quite a challenge as well.
  • Laminate is budget friendly and can mimic stone, wood or metal. Those kitchen countertop options support heat well are easy to clean and affordable .
    - But they can be scorched or cracked and scratched by a too-well sharpened knife.
  • Wood countertops such as butcher block or crafted wood slabs add lots of warmth and charm.
    - But they require regular maintenance.
    - Are vulnerable to heat, moisture, acids, chemicals and stains.
  • Nowadays more and more people want to go green and eco friendly countertop made of materials such as bamboo, recycled paper composite or glass are becoming quite popular.
    - But they are not very easy to maintain and can be damaged.
    - The maintenance requires sealing regularly.

Besides the style of your kitchen, your budget is the the factor determining your kitchen countertop options. It seems to be a pretty easy (but messy) DIY project and Youtube videos make it look so simple. However, you need to be able to assess if your cabinets can support the weight depending on your choice. Cuts for sink and stove requires appropriate tools for most materials (including laminate that chips easily). And most kitchen countertop options are not a one man-job. Maybe this is not such an easy project after all.

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