Neoclassical remodeling: traveling back in time with modern comfort

What does neoclassical remodeling imply? The name only evokes either Greek architecture or antique Italian. Which is truest to its form, you are not exactly sure. All you know is that it’s beautiful and your house would look and feel grand with such decor.

What is Neoclassical style?

We are staying in the realm of architecture and design since neoclassical is the name also given to music, literature, visual arts and theatre.

Neoclassicism is a style born in Rome in the 18th century and is derived from the word Neo (Greek for new) and classicus (Latin for “of the highest rank”). This new artistic style has spread the Greco-Roman architectural and cultural ideals of style and beauty during the age of enlightenment. After the extravaganza of baroque and rococo, the neoclassical movement reestablished notions of classical standards derived directly from antiquity not only in architecture but visual art. This type of architecture is also called classic revival.

Neoclassical remodeling : exterior architecture

neoclassical remodeling

There are some basic designs to respect to achieve an exterior neoclassical remodeling.

- Domed roof (round, vaulted roof)
- Symmetrical and simple shapes
- Flat facade with a row of tall columns (usually Doric columns but you can use Ionic or Corinthian styles)
- Arched palladian windows
- Triangular pediment (gable of triangular shape placed above the entablature, the horizontal structure supported by the columns)
- Portico (porch)

It would be a major project if you start from scratch and your house doesn’t already bear elements that can be transformed (rather than replaced). You can also just choose to add columns and a portico and focus the rest of your energy (and resources) in the interior.

Neoclassical remodeling: interior architecture

The same sway as the exterior architecture goes, so does the style of your interior architecture.neoclassical remodeling

- Ceiling medallions
- Cornices
- Crown Moldings
- Columns or pilasters
- Marble, stone or light wood
- Arches and arched windows and entryways

Neoclassical remodeling implies a sense of simplicity in the design and symmetry that is carried throughout. It displays understated elegance and grandeur and privileges quality over quantity.

Neoclassical remodeling : design and finishing touches

What colors and patterns neoclassical remodeling doesn’t display in architectural elements and materials are added in decor and accent pieces. Textures and warm hues soften the style and add comfort.neoclassical remodeling

- Persian or floral woven carpets
- Murals depicting landscapes or scenes
- Wallpaper with geometric or floral patterns
- Furniture simple but elegant
- Oversized urns, jars and statues throughout

The color scheme of the interior is very settled and soothing with lots of whites, pale blues, greens, creams and grays and some gold, although the use of stronger colors (reds, terracottas or some black) can emphasize the Roman or Greek style (but should be used very sparingly for risk of taking over).

A neoclassical home is usually very wide and has two to two and a half stories, the facade is flat and the shape is square or rectangular. But in design everything is about scale, so you can achieve a neoclassical remodeling by adding key elements to a smaller house. You don’t have to have a neoclassical home, you can have a home with neoclassical details.

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