Painting Kitchen Cabinets: 10 Big Mistakes to avoid

A very popular, (supposedly) inexpensive, (commonly thought of as) fast way to spruce up your kitchen or give it a new look is painting kitchen cabinets. It sure is cheaper than buying a brand new set of kitchen cabinets and is faster than ordering new cabinets and having to wait until the contractor comes and install them. Or is it?

10 most common mistakes to avoid when painting kitchen cabinets

1 - Having unrealistic expectations and either
- Misjudging your abilities
- Miscalculating the timing
2 - Not taking the cabinets apart
- Door
- Drawers
- Hardware, knobs and hinges
3 - Not labeling each piece when taking your cabinets apart
4 - Not cleaning the wood thoroughly
5 - Not sanding
6 - Not dusting after sanding
7 - Not priming
8 - Choosing the wrong color
9 - Choosing the wrong kind of paint
10 - Rushing through the whole project

The 10 painting kitchen cabinets mistakes explained

1 - Because you are pretty handy and you know how to paint, you think that painting your kitchen cabinets is going to be an easy project and because “it’s only paint”, it could be a weekend project.
2 - It is never a good idea to paint the whole thing, hinges and hardware, because the paint won’t last on hardware.
3 - All cabinets look the same when they are hung so it seems that they will be easy to put back together. However, each part needs to go back to exactly where it came from; if they are not labelled they will be all mixed up (and your kitchen will look crooked, or odd… at best).
4 - 5 - 6 - If the cabinets are dirty, greasy, dusty, the paint will not stick and the sanding debris will show through the paint. You only want to paint a clean smooth surface.
7 - Priming me be a step it’s tempting to skip but don’t. The secret of a long lasting paint job on kitchen cabinets is priming. The paint adheres better and lasts longer.
8 - Color is a matter of taste but the color you choose needs to work well with your backsplash and your counters. All professional painters have a big poster board with different colors that they will present on the walls.
9 - The worst kind of paint is a cheap one. First of all, it will probably need more coats and second, it won't last as long as a good quality paint. Painting kitchen cabinets is quite a project already, you don’t want to do it too often.
10 - Skipping a step, working too fast, being impatient are all big mistakes that may cost you time and money. You can do it right or redo it, or do it until it’s right, which ends up doing not quite as satisfactory as you anticipated.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a good way to revamp the room, but it’s by no means as easy as 1,2,3. There is only one advice, one tip, one secret: do your homework. Yes that’s it.It’s the least kept secret in the DIY community. Common sense and success in a few small projects doesn’t mean that you can tackle this one like it’s a walk in the park.

If you are well prepared, you will be very pleased with the results and your patience and hardwork can give you pride.

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