If you’re into cooking (or if you like things of beauty), you may often “oh and ah” at gourmet kitchen designs. This state of the art set up is about high-end and high-efficiency appliances and accessories, about optimized layout and nothing is too perfect for a chef, even at home.

The essentials in gourmet kitchen designs

Prepping station

One may be able to dish-up a sophisticated meal with a few ingredients in a galley kitchen. But if you want the chef’s life (and convenience), you must know that it’s all about preparation. Getting ready to sauté and grill and sizzle starts with chopping, dicing and slicing. Gourmet kitchen designs include enough counter space so that you don’t run out of square feet before you are done.
You may like cooking, a lot, but you may not enjoy cleaning (or spending too much time doing so, time better used watching the muffins rise in the oven). In gourmet kitchen designs, materials are as important as the layout of the room. Quartz is easy to clean, doesn’t need sealing and is durable. Other surfaces may be too fragile to sustain knife action or meat pounding.

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As far as the layout, it’s more about the cook than predefined “rules”. It is better to minimize the steps between the fridge and the prepping station, but it also depends on what’s doable. If most of the walls are used for cabinetry, a large (large) island is ideal. Make sure to include utensils drawers in the area for extra easy access. And place the sink (or a second sink) in that same area so you can wash the vegetables and clean your floured hands.


In a few words, appliances in gourmet kitchen designs are large (to accommodate the largest turkey at Thanksgiving).
Refrigerators now come in counter depth so they don’t stick out like an eyesore. Double doors, drawers, water dispenser inside of it (and even sparkling water dispenser) are a minimum. Stainless steel still has the favor, and bears that distinctive chef’s kitchen look.
Naturally, no advanced cook would accept less that a double oven, a microwave (to quickly melt butter or chocolate) and a professional-grade range. You can add a griddle, a steamer (and a plate warmer) and a built-in fryer.

gourmet kitchen designs

Storage must-haves

None of the gourmet kitchen designs we researched are on the less is more side when it comes to cabinets and storage. All these pots, pans, utensils or small appliances need a home. All the ingredients and the collection of spice jars need a pantry. The goal is to have enough to fit it all, but it also has to fit it all. Should you decide your cooking style grants a kitchen remodel, make sure you select deep drawers, tall cabinets and as many pull-out features as you can so you don’t have to bend all the time.

gourmet kitchen designs

What else is there?

Gourmet kitchen designs are not just about large counters, large appliances and large cabinets. A few extras to complete your luxurious kitchen can be a pot rack, a wine rack (or wine cooler), a built-in espresso machine, under cabinet lighting and a full-height backsplash (all the way to the hood). And a chef’s hat.

What defines “gourmet” in gourmet kitchen designs are strategically set up working stations, easy to clean surfaces and storage for everything. Your lifestyle (do you entertain a lot?), your cooking style (by the book or inventive), the other cooks in the family (are the kids helping?) are deciding factors in what works, what is necessary, what you want and how you want it.

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