You have been looking forward to your San Diego home remodel project for months, maybe even years. So what do you do when your contractor actually calls and schedules your remodel? Stress can be overwhelming and remodeling of any kind can be challenging, so here are some basic strategies designed to help you prepare yourself for your home remodeling project:

1) Be Mentally Prepared

If you intend to stay in your San Diego home during a remodel project there are many things you should consider. Remodeling is uncomfortable. Remodeling is dirty. Remodeling is loud. Part or all of your home may be inaccessible during some or all of the renovation process.

Your schedule will also very likely be disrupted by workers showing up early in the morning and at times working late at night. The more you prepare yourself and your family, the more realistic your expectations will be and the easier it will be to cope.

2) Be Realistic

Construction areas will be dirty, dusty and noisy. And despite best efforts, dust will likely cover every surface of your home. Construction teams can cover doorways with plastic to keep dust in check. However, you should consider staying in an alternate location if your project is large or will take a long period of time.

Keep in mind that a remodel project takes time. A perfect product will not typically be visible until the job is done. Allow your contractors to do their job and impress you when the project is done.

3) Be Prepared To Pack Up And Remove Your Belongings

To prevent damage, remove all personal items from the areas surrounding a remodeling project. Additionally, remove fragile items or anything that might impede traffic in work areas. Experts also recommend that you remove everything in the immediate work area, empty out cabinets, remove clothes from closets, take down loose items from the wall, put away anything on surfaces and carefully cover furniture. The right contractor will secure the area, including building temporary walls to section off the work area from the living space.

4) Get Extra Storage Space

Construction areas will have all kinds of heavy tools, materials, and expensive equipment. If you decide to stay in your home during a remodel, be sure there is ample room for your contractor to store their construction materials and tools. Areas for tools and materials should be secure, safe from the elements and inaccessible to children, pets and strangers.

5) Be Sure Pets Are Out Of The Way

Most people consider their pets close family members. For this reason, it is best to keep them safely away from all construction areas. Falling items, materials and tools can be very dangerous to your furry, feathered or four-legged family members. Additionally, pets can consume dangerous products and should be watched at all times for safety.

Experts recommend finding a quiet, secure area like a laundry room or back bedroom away from the remodeling space to keep your pet during construction. A separate room, crate or kennel away from the dust, noise and mess is the best place for pets during remodeling projects.

6) Prepare All Your Family Members

Remodeling projects can be hard on children who sometimes have trouble with changes in their surroundings. Make sure your children are aware of what is going on each day. Consider creating a chart with daily changes to help prepare your kids for dramatic changes or even small ones.

Help children stay safe by helping them stay out of work areas. These places can seem appealing and interesting with tools and products laying around, but having kids in these areas can cause accidents and do damage to expensive and detailed work. Pay attention to where your children are at all times in the construction zone and carefully close off dangerous areas.

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