Just like fashion, the world of home design has its trends. One year there might be a lot of leather on the runway while maple wood is dominating kitchens nationwide. Closed toe shoes may be taking home gold in the fashion race at the same time wicker baskets are filling living rooms everywhere. It’s all relative to the time, and like fashion, home renovation is a continuously evolving industry. Each year brings with it new and improved gadgets and accessories that have home decorators clamoring over themselves to get a hold of. Bearing this in mind, we decided to pull together a list of the trends in kitchen and bathroom remodeling we see coming to a head so far in 2015 and share them with you.

Heavy Metals Sinks and Lighting Fixtures

Copper lighting and cast sinks are popping up in home renovation magazines everywhere. What,s more is the metals, particularly in the sinks, are engraved and carved with elaborate designs. This gives the once plain looking feature of your bathroom sink a glamorous kick.

Motion sense Kitchen Appliances

This year kitchens across the world are going hand less and “one-touch”. Manufacturers are making great strides to remove handles from faucets, appliances, and cabinets. These features are lending kitchens a streamlined appearance that has never before been achievable before the introduction of this type of technology into the home. German manufacturer Baufomat’s has introduced a line of cabinets they are calling the “Climber” which open when you wave your hand across them. Moen has put out a kitchen faucet in it’s Motionsense line that still retains it’s handle, however, can sense the presence of an object like a pot or a hand in front of it’s spout and water will continue to pour from it as long as the object remains there.

Light Blues and Greens

Neil Kelly designers report that they are “seeing light blues and greens becoming increasingly popular.” They also give a helpful hint to any homeowners who are wanting to get a jump on the color trends stating “If you want to know what the hot colors are going to be in the coming year don’t go to the paint store, go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond- or any store that sells bath towels. They will start stocking new towel colors long before those colors show up in the paint stores. Retail has to be way ahead of the game.”

Re-purposed Woods

A growing and environmentally friendly trend that has caught our eyes at Collom Construction, Inc is the use of re-purposed wood from old barns, docks, bridges, railroad trusts. Instead of this material ending up in a landfill, it is showing up in remodeled kitchens as rustic dining tables and chairs. The use of re-purposed wood gives any room a cozy cottage feel or, depending upon the style in which the wood is refurbished, a hearty, almost medieval feel.

With these trends in mind, we can’t wait to see what kind of ideas our customers come to us with. Collom Construction, Inc loves to be involved with the creative adventures people undertake when remodeling their homes. Let’s get those creative juices flowing people!