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5 Fire Resistant Building Materials to Keep Your Home Safe

The hot and dry summer season increases the risk of wildfires, every year and tragedy strikes regularly, displacing thousands of people. It’s becoming more and more important to have knowledge of fire resistant building materials, especially if you are building a home, or making an addition. Fire retardant materials can save you a lot in the event of a fire, and can also help you net better premiums on fire insurance. Do you want to be safe? Then check out these 5 fire resistant building materials:

Is it possible to build entirely out of recycled building materials? We all want to protect the environment and natural resources, but is it cost effective? Are the recycled materials durable and is it really safe? Recycling starts at home, separating our garbage into different containers and ends in manufacturing plants repurposing wastes into new materials or objects. The construction industry also reuses old (salvaged) materials in remodeling or new constructions.Using recycled building materials presents the same advantages and inconvenients as the recycling of wastes such as aluminum cans, tires, newspaper: