Garage Remodeling

How To Maximize Your Garage Workspace

The garage workspace! Its role has evolved from parking space to storage unit to workshop. So how can you maximize the area? The first thing you have to do is to get to work, sort things out, reorganize. Maybe it’s a good occasion to host a garage or yard sale, giving you more space to work with and some extra cash to play with. In order to maximize your workspace, you pretty much have to rethink the garage in its entirety.

Can Your Garage Become A Kitchen Extension ?

Has your space become so small you feel you need a kitchen extension? There is a room that you can use to expand: your garage. Garages used to be a place to park vehicles, right? It seems that it’s less and less a parking space and more an extension of the house, kitchen, playroom or well outfitted laundry area...A few extra square feet that make a big difference.