Home Remodeling

What a Fancy Idea! A Review of the 5 Most Unusual Homes

Driving around the country, through cities or in remote places, we are bound to come across some unusual homes, an old structure that became or can become a residence, against all odds (mills, lighthouse, churches, barns, firehouses). Some are abandoned and in disarray, others are being bought d and turned into houses or condos. The trend is to repurpose the space to live in it, maybe as a way to disconnect from the diktats and reconnect with the past.

Home remodeling with a contractor can be a daunting task, especially if you and your contractor are not on the same page. There are a number of reasons why certain contractors may not work out. For example, perhaps you have a specific vision for your house, but your contractor may have objections based on time, cost, or other factors. If you’re looking to remodel or upgrade your home efficiently and come away completely satisfied, It’s very important that you know the dos and don’ts.

An extensive expensive hotel remodeling project, the renovation has finally brought the legendary Ritz Hotel back to its former glory, and then some. It took 4 years and some say $200 millions, (others report $400 millions, and others €200 millions) but he result is stunning. Respecting the features and personality of what has been Coco Chanel’s residence, marrying past and future, mixing precious fabrics and technology was no easy task.

Choosing Partners: Design Build Contractor Or Architect?

If you’ve bought your perfect home, or almost, but you’d like to make some modifications the question on your mind, is likely : "Do I hire a design build contractor, or an architect?" It’s a common question. Consider that everything about your home is just about the way you like it- the perfect colors, the perfect atmosphere. When you close your eyes and imagine your dream home, it’s not so different from what you see day to day. Maybe it’s a hair away from perfect, or perhaps you envision a little something more to make that dream a reality- perhaps you’re expecting and need an extra room for the little one. Perhaps a foyer or patio could use some remodeling to change your house into a home. Whatever it is that you’d like to do however, you’re going to need help- hence the question.


When buying a fixer-upper, how do you protect yourself and your investment, including when it’s time to remodel? When we are young and dream of buying our starter home, what better option than buying a property that needs TLC (or total makeover), right? After the real estate market crashed, there were good deals to be made and fixer-uppers were sold or auctioned off for very little money. While the market is recovering, some houses are still neglected and listed for what seems like little. But as in everything, there are traps you don’t want to fall into and mistakes you do not want to make.

The Remodeling Process Starts With a Dream

The Remodeling Process. It’s a task that perhaps for some, fills the soul with fear and dread. Concern for mounting costs, and physical labor. Fears over getting one’s home ‘just right’. Fear of mistakes, unqualified contractors, delays.
For others, however, it’s potential. A remodeling project allows you to realize the dream of your perfect home, your perfect space. )It allows you to take a place that you already love and make it into something magical. When you’re remodeling your house, you’re not just increasing property value or showing off for the neighbors (though these are also nice)- you’re investing in the future of your home, your life, and your love. It all starts with your imagination.

You’re “this close” to enjoy a successful remodeling project. Maybe you had good and bad days, but it will soon be all worth it. You can sit and relax in your new porch or deck ,or cook in your new kitchen. But, let’s take a step back and make completely sure this project will be 100% successful and that you won’t find yourself having any regrets.

Enter The Zen Zone: 5 Backyard Retreats Ideas

The notion of backyard retreat evokes a quiet and serene space; one where we can escape for a few moments to regroup, maybe away from the kids or after work. Your outdoor living space may already well appointed to entertain, host dinners and lounge, but do you have that zen corner that will truly complete it? Slightly away from the house, tucked at the end of a walkway, a space independent of the rest, with its own style and vibe.

In With The Old: Mastering Vintage Interior Design

What comes to mind when you hear vintage interior design? Do you have images of Art Deco or eclectic? Do you have flashbacks of summers spent at grandma’s country home or of romantic movies from the 50s? Let’s see what vintage interior design is all about and how to achieve this style.
There is a trend within the trend of vintage interior design, vintage modern; it is, as the name suggests clearly, modern style with a retro flair. The result is totally different than the style we try to master here. We are more thinking of what Marilyn Monroe or Betty White had in common: a sense of style.

Where to Find a Contractor You Can Trust: NARI Explained

When it comes to making home improvements, repairs, or even simply discussing options, sometimes the biggest question is how to find a contractor. There are many contractors and sorting through them all individually can be time and cost prohibitive - and a bad choice made in haste can end up causing more harm than good. This is where NARI comes in.