Kitchen Remodeling

There are many obvious signs your kitchen needs a remodel; others are more subtle; some are coming from the way you feel. If you keep saying "hoos and haas" every time you see an updated kitchen with state of the art appliances or if you feel envy when going to your friend’s house, you have a desire to renovate. But if the room frustrates you, if cooking is no fun anymore, if you notice all that is wrong rather than right, you have a need. Update your kitchen and you will be proud and happy again.

As we grow and accumulate more and more things, and conversely the amount of room we have to ourselves shrinks, space becomes more important than ever, and mini kitchen appliances are one solution. One convenient benefit of technology is that as it improves, we are able to do more with less- less time, less energy, and perhaps most importantly, less space.

If you’re into cooking (or if you like things of beauty), you may often “oh and ah” at gourmet kitchen designs. This state of the art set up is about high-end and high-efficiency appliances and accessories, about optimized layout and nothing is too perfect for a chef, even at home.

Move Over Granite: New Countertop Materials Are Getting Hot


New countertop materials are giving granite, marble and concrete a run for their money. Countertops are often the focal point of the room, and their materials need careful consideration. With qualities like better durability, less environmental impact and more variety, new countertop materials have experienced growing popularity.

Is Your Kitchen Remodeling Plan Functional?

Realize your dream of a beautiful new kitchen by starting at the beginning: a functional kitchen remodeling plan. While some parts of your plan will be common to any remodeling project, there are specific things to consider for a kitchen renovation. Focusing on these design basics will form a strong foundation for your dream kitchen.