New Construction

What does the phrase " dream homes " evoke for you? Do you picture a place on the beach, a tropical island maybe, a property nestled in the mountains or in the country somewhere? What is a dream home? Is it the architecture and amenities (and the price tag) that make it perfect, or the location? Maybe it’s something else entirely? Take a look at these stunning properties to spark your imagination.

It's Not Science Fiction: Innovative Building Materials


Honeycomb-shaped walls and houses built by robots sound like scenery from Star Wars, but innovative building materials are making these space age ideas a reality. Engineers around the world continue to research and study alternatives to traditional construction materials and techniques. Though still in the testing phase, look for these cutting edge technologies bound to change the way we think about and build structures.

Who can resist the wow factor of Italian kitchen style?

Italian fashion has always been fascinating, clothes, shoes, jewelry and architecture, but how about the Italian kitchen style ? When we think of Italian design, kitchens don’t come to mind but mediterranean style does: a mix of old charm and country feel. The biggest surprise is that the essence of Italian kitchen style is totally different than what we usually envision. There are many Italian kitchen styles.

New home construction process : from bare ground to dream house

The new home construction process is slightly different if you are your own contractor and have to hire subcontractors or if you hire a builder to do all the work for you. You are embarking on a journey that might not always be a smooth sail and encounter the unexpectedand unwanted but keeping your goals in mind, the vision of your dream home will make it all worth it in the end. In the meantime, it's all about planning and making choices.