Take It Out Back: Outdoor Living Space Tips

Outdoor living space is now considered part of the house, and rightly so. The weather in California allows us to extend the living area to the outdoors most of the time. Spring is coming, the time is perfect to get started on remodeling the backyard by doing a bit more than planting new shrubs. Do not limit your vision or rein in your imagination. Anything (almost) is possible and playing with textures and levels is part of the fun.

Create traffic paths and landing areas

You don’t want to just pave an area and plant around it. Your outdoor living space should be conceived like a floor plan to give it structure.

You can use flagstone or pavers to create a walkway that takes you to different outdoor rooms: a terrace for al fresco dining, a gazebo to rest in the shade or a little pond. You can use the natural landscape to play with levels and add interesting visual effects, meandering or going up and down.

Bring out the full potential of your outdoor living space

Why couldn’t you live outdoors like you do indoors? Your backyard can be a second home, including a kitchen and a dining and living room, surrounded by grass and flowers. Outdoor kitchens can be simple or sophisticated, depending on the space and your budget, from a small area with a grill to a built-in fully equipped affair.

For lounging and dining, the choice in patio furniture is so large, you will certainly find pieces that match your style. If not, custom built benches are a great alternative. A concrete or stone base covered with comfy and colorful cushions is sure to give your outdoor living space a “wow” factor.

Don’t forget a lighting plan

Nightfall doesn’t mean you have to go back inside. Create a cozy ambiance with low voltage lighting, along the walkways and outdoor lamps on side tables. You can easily mix and match lanterns, rope lights, torches. You can choose focal points to highlight a beautiful plant or natural feature (or even a sculpture).

Outdoor lighting has come a long way since black plastic weatherproof fixtures. Glass jars and copper are in, to stick in the ground or hang on a shepherd’s hook or garlands to wrap around up high. You can play with different levels to attract attention or create shadows.

Decor accessories give the finishing touch

The outdoor living space deserves the same attention we give our indoor decor. Rugs and throws have a place outside, provided you make sure the material is weather resistant. Ceramic or metal wall art can add an artsy effect. Fire pits can shield you and your friends of the chill.

Glazed pots come in all shapes and sizes and look beautiful with plants or on their own. Raised planters, fountains and bird baths, wind chimes, weathervanes… there is no limit when it comes to outdoor living space outfitting.

Now is the time to consider backyard remodeling and give it the attention it deserves to become an extension of your home. Outdoor living space brings people and friends together for entertainment all year long. Or, if you prefer quiet and peaceful, you can make it your private oasis, with or without a hammock.

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