Are you thinking about upgrading or adding outdoor living space to your home? While you look through design ideas, be sure to also consider making your new addition Eco-Friendly. Collom Construction can help you create the backyard living space of your dreams while helping the environment at the same time. Here are four tips for creating an eco-friendly outdoor living space that your family will not only enjoy, but that they will feel good about spending time in as well.

1. Consider Water Needs When Landscaping

Landscaping Water Saving Tips

When it comes time to pick the plants you'll use in landscaping, be sure to consider the water needs of the plants you have in mind. Choose plants that require a lot of water for areas that frequently flood, and use plants that need little water elsewhere. This can reduce your water use significantly.

2. Plant Strategically

Strategic Outdoor Living Space Design

Once you have chosen the plants you want to use in your outdoor living space, be sure to plant them in the right places. Planting towering trees and tall bushes where they will shade your home is a great way to reduce your cooling costs. Planting thick bushes or trees around your home is a great way to block strong winds and insulate your home, reducing your heating costs.

3. Choose Natural Pest Repellents

Natural Pest Repellants

Avoid harsh chemical poisons and sprays by planting plants that are natural pest repellents. For example, basil naturally repels flies and mosquitoes, onions repel rabbits and tomatoes repel asparagus beetles. By planning your garden carefully, the pest problem will take care of itself, saving you time and effort and saving the earth from the exposure to harmful chemicals.

4. Use Recycled Materials


Using recycled materials not only helps conserve the Earth's limited resources, but it is also a great way to create a beautiful backyard with character. You could use old shutters to make a small table or old reclaimed boards to make a cozy picnic table. You could also use old bricks as stepping stones or recycled concrete to create a durable and attractive patio. With a little creativity, the sky is the limit.


We can bring out the best in your backyard with a gazebo, sunroom, fire pit, deck or patio cover. Combining comfort and function, we help make the outdoors an inviting gathering place for your family and guests.