At Collom Construction, we not only love working together with our clients to create something beautiful and functional, but we also love to stay up to date on the latest trends. Today, let’s take a look at the kitchen, the source of creation and inspiration for a lot of residents. There’s some upcoming trends that are picking up speed for this year and we want to share them with you today. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration yourself, and we can help you make that dream kitchen come true in San Diego, CA.


Gone are the days of picking color swatches at the paint store. The new trend for the kitchen is wallpapers – bright colored patterns and designs that make the cooking space feel more fun and family-friendly.

A particular trend among wallpaper for kitchens are repeating patterns, such as arabesque, art deco, herringbone, and other textile patterns. Turkish and Middle Eastern design influences are rising in popularity with flowering lines.

Innovative Lighting

Have you ever walked into a kitchen and marveled at the lighting? Typical kitchen lights include fluorescent panels and recessed can lights, but more and more homeowners are trending towards the non-traditional: neon or LED ceiling lights, floating lamps, hanging lamps, or strategically placed windows for more natural lighting.

Touchable Texture

While smooth, stainless steel finishes are beautiful, a new trend is seeing a resurgence and that’s the “touchable textures” era. This still includes the ever-popular granite and marble countertops, but now repurposed or raw materials are growing in popularity.

When we say textured materials, it includes smooth, rough, ridged, or otherwise tactile patterns in the material on your cabinets or shelving. Recycling is also a growing trend, with recycled wood, repurposed furniture, and more. Go green and consider recycling old material for your kitchen remodel.

Want to see examples of eco-friendly countertops? Take a look here at Sunset Magazine.

Low-Maintenance Cabinets and Open Shelving

Storage is nice, but the new trend is to actually have a completely open kitchen. But how is that done, you may ask? By reducing the amount of space that cabinets take up and replacing them with open shelving, or something similar.

Getting rid of most of your clunky cabinets will help make the kitchen feel more open. Homeowners are now utilizing open shelves or floor cabinets to store their cups and plates, freeing up space on the countertops or along the wall for decorations or minor amounts of storage. Again, it helps to make the kitchen area feel more family-oriented instead of solely the cook’s domain.

Furniture Feel

Aside from repurposed dressers and vanities making their way into modern kitchens, it’s slowly trending to have separate islands, breakfast nooks, or cabinets shaped like furniture you’d find in a living room. Table legs and more plush textures create a shareable space that the whole family can enjoy.

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