Upgrade Your Home (And View) With Frameless Glass Windows

Windows are made to bring light into the home, frameless glass windows are meant to bring the outside in, seamlessly connect a room with a terrace or a patio, offer a true view, unobstructed. We’ve come across a game changer in remodeling. Stacking folding doors that move one panel at a time, leaving some closed to create air flow, take your pick.

Frameless glass windows - The specifics

The technology behind the frameless glass doors and windows is quite unique. Besides the process that renders the glass more resistant, the concept behind sliding frameless glass windows is quite simple. Because there are no posts or frames, the glass panels are set in a rack that allows the panel to be hung from the top and supported by the bottom. The elaborate system has been engineered to allow each glass panel to safely lock in order to stay weather sealed but also slide.
Frameless glass windows are also energy efficient (complying to California Title 24), which allows you to enjoy the view of the great outdoors without breaking the bank.

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Frameless glass windows - The applications

The frameless glass windows will give a minimalistic look to your room, and your home, inside and out. Therefore it will be perfect for a contemporary or modern home or building. But there is nothing to say that it wouldn’t work with a traditional home.

The tempering process resulting in the glass being stronger and safer, allows this technology to be used in automotive, cookware and bakeware, mobile devices, and building, construction and structures.
Frameless sliding glass doors and windows can totally transform the way you look at the world from any type of room enclosure: patio, terrace, your living room or bedroom. Because the system is cleverly engineered (and virtually unbreakable), you can replace a whole wall by a system of frameless glass windows for a really seamless uninterrupted view.

Whether your project is a remodel or a new construction, true frameless glass windows can be used in residential or commercial constructions such as office buildings, hotels and restaurants. The result is spectacular.

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