New years tend to bring new things (resolutions, mostly), and top kitchen trends are part of the conversation. The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) was just last month and everyone agrees: it was big and better than ever and 2016 is exciting.

Trends come and go, but the main attributes of the kitchen that are picking up pace are functional design, softer colors and uncluttered style.

Top Kitchen Trends in Design

As a high traffic room, the kitchen needs not only solid materials but a functional layout as well. If kitchen remodeling or updating is on your mind, take the time to look around and visualize what designers say is happening: larger space, more open to the family room so the whole clan can gather without stepping on one another. If the kitchen is small, cabinets go higher rather than use square footage so you have plenty of space to turn around and move about.

Improved functionality lies in the smart use of small spaces for extra storage, not to mention the clever features kitchen cabinets makers are integrating from the get go. Everything seems to have a place, neatly stacked thanks to inside cubbies or multi-drawers cabinets and soon, nothing will be left on the counter.

One top kitchen trend that stands out in terms of design is electrical lighting. Ceiling lamps and sconces don’t cut it anymore; well-lit cabinets are a must, not only for a beautiful glow but for more comfort on the workspace. And when you sit with your contractor to work out the electrical design, be sure and include discreet charging stations for your mobile devices. As of now, every room in the house will need one…

Top Kitchen Trends in Color and Textures

We were already witnessing a subtle shift in color schemes in 2015. This year confirms the bold accent wall is out, and the plain white with it. Wall colors are gearing towards simple elegance, muted combinations that give a more earthy, organic feel: sandy white, rosewood pink, muted grey, pastel blue…

Accenting is still part of the plan, but more to softly highlight than take over (metal or white-washed trims, colored appliances, furniture).

The desire for texture is also gaining momentum in the 2016 top kitchen trends, whether it’s on a brushed wall on the floor with a rug, an inventive pattern on the backsplash or the alliance of wood and metal.

Top Kitchen Trends in Cabinet Style

Cabinetry may be the area of kitchen design that has known changes the least over the years (compared to countertop materials or flooring). Some styles are ever popular and unlikely to disappear. But the top kitchen trends we already explored are in line with a shift toward a simpler, slicker design: cleaner lines and understated hardware, less frill in the trim.

Modern style is not quite dominating, it’s being integrated in the designs, by way of horizontally oriented cabinetry for example, or with straight, square edges. In that regard, the shaker style is the star of the compromise between yesterday and tomorrow.

The color palette follows the organic feel we see throughout the predictions of 2016 top kitchen trends: white or natural, glazed or slightly distressed to give texture.

If a new construction kitchen or a remodeling is part of your projects this year, this overview of the top kitchen trends can give you ideas or trigger your creativity. Ultimately, only your taste and a style that fits your life matter. As trends go, they are not as important as making sure the kitchen is a room where you feel at home.

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