Where to Find a Contractor You Can Trust: NARI Explained

When it comes to making home improvements, repairs, or even simply discussing options, sometimes the biggest question is how to find a contractor. There are many contractors and sorting through them all individually can be time and cost prohibitive - and a bad choice made in haste can end up causing more harm than good. This is where NARI comes in.

Use NARI to Find a Contractor

NARI, The National Association of the Remodeling Industry, allows individuals to connect with people in the industry to find a contractor, and therefore to ensure the needs of both parties are met. NARI stands on a rather impressive history of meeting the needs of the community and the remodeling industry. In order to remain a prominent figure in the industry, NARI and its members adhere to a strict code of ethics, values, and practices.

Going about selecting a partner to execute your project and give your vision reality is an important step and crucial to the success of your project. We’ve addressed the necessity of hiring only licensed contractors. Hiring a contractor who is also member of NARI only adds to your peace of mind.

NARI Ethics

NARI remains committed to a strict code of ethics centered around honesty and fairness. This includes endorsing only the most sound and proven of products and services, ensuring contracts comply with established law, protecting both providers and consumers with safe practices and standards, and promptly addressing any consumer complaints should they arise as a result of service.

NARI Standards of Practice

NARI’s standards of practice ensure the upholding of the values and ethics to which they are bound. These standards include specifications which flesh out the individual core ethics espoused by NARI and applicable to all those in its service. The standards define fair marketing techniques, covers how sales are performed, and outlines the quality and completion of service.

When it comes to remodeling, it’s easy to find a contractor using NARI. With decades of experience in the industry, a commitment to ethics and a valued appreciation of customers, NARI ensures a mutually beneficial relationship between contractors and homeowners.