You’re “this close” to enjoy a successful remodeling project. Maybe you had good and bad days, but it will soon be all worth it. You can sit and relax in your new porch or deck ,or cook in your new kitchen. But, let’s take a step back and make completely sure this project will be 100% successful and that you won’t find yourself having any regrets.

Before you hand your last check to the contractor, go over your check list and wish list to make sure that everything was done the way you wanted it. Does it look like what you envisioned? Why not? Ask for an explanation if you find something that is not supposed to be the way it is. Hopefully, your contractor had communicated with you about any discrepancies. If it’s fixable, don’t be afraid to ask for them to correct the mistake.

Go over your punch list

Check that all the equipment was picked up and that the job site looks presentable.
Make sure there’s no unfinished work, that the appliances and light fixtures are working properly. Turn on every light, use every function, check the water pressure, etc.

Look over the contract carefully

The contract is the backbone of the project. It’s a checklist in itself.
Is everything signed by all the appropriate parties? Are all the permits filed and signed correctly? Do you have all receipts and payment stubs?

What about warranties?

Besides the new appliances installed, a lot of the contract’s work could have a warranty. Make sure you understand the terms and duration and if there’s any special instructions regarding maintenance on those items installed that you should be following.

If everything looks like a successful remodeling project, wrap it up

Contractors get a lot of work through referrals and positive reviews. Let him know he did a great job and that you will post a 5 star review on their yelp or google spot and that you will recommend him to your friends. An extra thank you note could be to offer to have your house photographed for their site: an image is worth a thousand words!

We hope our tips on how to find a good contractor and how to finish a successful remodeling project give you the help and peace you need to make this process enjoyable!

You deserve the Collom Construction quality.