Backyard alight: Outdoor Patio Lighting

Whether it’s as a safety precaution, to showcase your landscape or just creating an ambiance, outdoor patio lighting is a must. All backyards are not created equals but they all have one thing in common: they do need light. The indoor lights from your house can only go so far and your beautiful outdoor space will turn to darkness as soon as the sun sets. There are 3 main types of outdoor patio lighting.

Essential outdoor patio lighting

Having your stairs, access ways and decks well lit is not a choice you make for your own enjoyment, it is a safety requirement more than a decorative feature. The International Residential Code (IRC) has very specific rules when it comes to outdoor patio lighting, but you still have to check with your state (the Residential Lightings standards in the California Building Standards).

For added security you can add a motion-detecting flood light near your garage or other dark area. Such fixtures can be a placed where intruders can hide or where you or someone can fall due to lack of proper lighting.

Targeted outdoor patio lighting

You need a light pointed directly at certain outdoor areas such as your grilling area, outdoor kitchen for your meal preparation, your dining area or your hot tub. The area that needs light is targeted directly, both as a safety and comfort measure. You can enjoy dining al fresco with lights that are not too bright, while sufficient enough to see what you do and people around you.

You can also design targeted lighting along pathways, directly illuminating a focal point in the yard, a flower bed or the gazebo, for example.

Ambient outdoor patio lighting

Ambient lighting enhances your outdoor living spaces, where the essential lighting cannot reach but where you still need or want some light for pleasure and decor. You can use low voltage lights in order to reduce your electricity usage.
Solar lighting is even more energy efficient and there are many styles to choose from, easy to find at any home improvement store or gardening center.
LED lights are still on the expensive side compared to halogen, but the investment is well worth it, since they can save up to 75% on your electric bill.

Another type of lighting that will give real character to your home are post lights. They can be installed on either side of your gate, close to your entry door or throughout the property depending on your wish and budget.

The type of outdoor patio lighting that you choose will depend on the area where it is meant to bring light to. Lighting can be affordable or very expensive; today, the market offers all kinds of outdoor patio lighting solutions. Most are affordable, stylish, easy to install and energy saving.

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