10 Tips to Create More Storage in Your Home

If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for ways to create more storage in your home. Perhaps you have a rather large family showering you with gifts, or you’re recently married and got everything on the register and then some- or, maybe you’re looking to downsize to a cozy little home somewhere, but realizing you’ve got just a few too many possessions. Whatever the reason, we all have baggage, and everything needs its place. Never fear! Here are ten tips to create more storage in your home:

Create more storage with furniture

Consider a Storage Bed:

Everyone needs a place to sleep. If you’re going to go with a traditional bed, why not make use of the space under it? There are a number of beds that come with various drawers or compartments underneath, handy for keeping things safe and sound. Be honest, you are going to cram stuff under there anyway- the drawers just make that process neat and organized.

Storage Furniture/Seating:

Let’s face it. Somewhere in the house, you’ll have a table, or a stand (for lamps, keys, magazines, and the like). Make the most out of that space too by ensuring it has drawers or cabinets in it- tie the room together while tucking things away. It can be done with seating, too!

Fold Away Devices:

Every home needs a secret compartment or two. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, like a secret library, bunker, or storage chamber (though these are all great ideas), but having a fold- out chair, bed, countertop or ironing board can add some utility when you need it, and some space when you don’t. Whenever it’s not in use, just fold it away into the wall!

Think Outside the (Storage) Box

Multi-purpose Application 

Typing into the previous point, one great way to create storage space in your home is to make sure everything you use can be used in multiple ways. That ironing board? What if it’s also a dining ledge? The fold out tray? What if it has hooks to support articles of clothing? Get creative.

Stackable Compartments

It’s pretty easy to find storage containers online. Find a good number of small to medium sized storage units and stack them on top of one another. In a sense, it’s like creating a dresser that can be assembled/disassembled, which is great when you need a specific section, or are moving/relocating the furniture.

Wall Niches/Shelves

You’ve probably considered a thousand and one ways to hang things on walls: nails, cabinets, etc. However, you can also make use of wall space by hollowing it out to create shelves within  the walls. This adds the advantage of storage space without actually occupying space within the room.

Adjustable Shelves

Another great way to make the most of your space is to invest in adjustable shelves. If you have a lot of small pieces, a smaller gap between shelves does fine; however, if you decide to store bigger things, it makes more sense to adjust the shelves instead of buying an entirely new shelf to store them on.

Smart/Compartment Containers

The best way to keep things organized and minimize the space they take is to keep complimentary items together. This means hanging kits for shower products (in the shower) and compartmentalized boxes for kitchen and/or bathroom use. The same works for pets and their food/water; build their dishes into a cabinet where the food can be stored and save space.

Cabinet Hangers

So obviously, it makes sense to make use of the shelves within cabinets, but the cabinet doors themselves provide a bit of space as well! Put hooks or hangers or pouches on the insides of cabinet doors and give yourself a little more space to store small items.

Create More Storage Space by: Cleaning, Organizing, Simplifying, and Throwing Away

No one likes to hear it, but the less stuff you have in the first place, the easier it is to find storage for things, and the easier it is to keep it organized. Figure out which items you use frequently and which ones you don’t use at all. Consider some of the options above, and use them to minimize your need for other things, i.e., a multi functional shelf to take the place of several, etc.

If you have a plan, a bit of know how, and some imagination, it’s fairly easy to create more storage space in your home. Let your ingenuity run wild, and find stylish, yet effective solutions- and don’t be afraid to downsize.