Choosing Partners: Design Build Contractor Or Architect?

If you’ve bought your perfect home, or almost, but you’d like to make some modifications the question on your mind, is likely : "Do I hire a design build contractor, or an architect?" It’s a common question. Consider that everything about your home is just about the way you like it- the perfect colors, the perfect atmosphere. When you close your eyes and imagine your dream home, it’s not so different from what you see day to day. Maybe it’s a hair away from perfect, or perhaps you envision a little something more to make that dream a reality- perhaps you’re expecting and need an extra room for the little one. Perhaps a foyer or patio could use some remodeling to change your house into a home. Whatever it is that you’d like to do however, you’re going to need help- hence the question.

The Architect

The architect is like you. They will envision your dream as you describe it to them, and imagine the layout, the materials, every last detail to make whatever you desire absolutely perfect. Okay, so a bit more of a practical you. When it comes to the theory and designs on paper, the architect keeps your feet on the ground while your head's in the clouds. They can take a general idea and plan out the space needed, perform the space, and make suggestions if something isn’t quite right. Bottom line, they are the bridge between the imagined and the possible.

The Design Build Contractor

Similar to the architect, the design build contractor can take what you’re imagining and portray it in ways that adhere to laws of both aesthetics and physics (very important). As the name implies, their services include a skill with design, but they also can handle the actual construction. Unlike the architect, who can only handle some aspects of the process, the design build contractor sees the project completely through from start to finish. This helps to streamline the process by focusing on one group or company instead of shuffling multiple groups in and out for the various stages of home modification.

If you’re looking to make modifications to your home quickly and efficiently, it’s best to go with a design build contractor. They can handle the entire process, unlike architects or construction workers alone, who might actually interfere with one another throughout the project. The design build route simplifies the entire execution with a single line of contact, a single company to pay, and a single unified goal of bringing your dream home to fruition.

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