How To Budget Kitchen Remodeling

Budget kitchen remodeling seems easy and obvious, but it really is not. There is a lot to account for, from building materials if you build up walls or redo the flooring, to finishes (lighting fixtures, cabinet accessories). The cost of appliances and cabinets can greatly vary depending on features and quality. There are easy steps you can take in order to have some visibility.

Questions to ask yourself prior to budget kitchen remodeling

- What are your remodeling priorities? Maybe you do not need to tear it all down from floor to ceiling.
- How will you pay for your kitchen remodel? Only you know what disposable income you have, so will you use your savings or ask your bank for a loan?
- How much of the investment will you get back when you sell your home? In other words, how do you calculate the R.O.I. (Return On Investment)?
- Will you stay in the house while remodeling? If you do, you need to allocate the take out meals or dining out added costs. If you don’t, you need to allocate part of the budget to renting a furnished studio/apartment or staying in a hotel/motel.
- What is the guideline for budget kitchen remodeling? The rule is 5% to 15% of your home value.

What exactly goes in the budget kitchen remodeling

On average here is how you can break it down:
- 35 to 48 %: cabinets
- 18 to 20 %: labor
- 15 to 20 %: appliances
- 10 %: windows
- 5 %: fixtures
- 3 %: fittings
- 7 %: other

What are the other steps to stay within your kitchen remodeling budget?

- Once established, stick to it and keep track of your payments.
- Include a percentage for unforeseen problems and extras.
- Differentiate between priorities and unnecessary luxuries (unless you can afford it).

The biggest traps some homeowners fall into when kitchen remodeling that takes them off budget all come down to insufficient planning:

- They don’t keep track of payments.
- They haven't set their priorities right.
- They splurged and couldn’t resist some extras.
- They haven’t included a cushion for the unexpected.

Kitchen remodeling starts with a vision but quickly becomes a matter of what you can afford, what you cannot do without and that little extra that will keep you happy without breaking the bank. Before you sit with contractors to talk about design, do your homework. Nothing is more frustrating than dreaming of a kitchen that is out of reach. And keep in mind that a higher budget doesn’t mean a higher R.O.I.

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