How To Increase Home Value While On A Budget

Remodeling projects or room additions can be costly but there are ways to increase home value (and enjoy the changes) while on a budget. Whether you feel it’s time to revamp or you are thinking about selling, some renovations have more impact on real estate value than others.

Increase home value by focusing on energy savings

New construction come with insulation, but older homes are not as well equipped to leave the heat or the cold out. Adding insulation can greatly increase your comfort and energy savings.

The idea of taking down drywall is not very exciting. Luckily, you can insulate without demolishing.Insulate the attic with fiberglass rolls or spray foam. The added benefit of spray foam is that it expands and fills crevices for extra performance.You can also insulate the walls from the outside, behind the siding. It is easier to put back siding than replacing drywall altogether.

New windows
Replacing windows to increase home value is a big expense but presents several advantages. It can be done in phases. You can start with the windows that most need upgrading, or the rooms where you feel draft or spend a lot of time. Energy Star qualified windows get you a tax credit of up to $200.

New windows have great appeal to homebuyers. It eliminates the worry of poorly insulated rooms, not to mention it gives the house a fresh new look inside and outside.

Consider possible upgrades

Kitchen and bathroom
Remodeling the whole kitchen or bathroom is no small enterprise. But you may still feel the rooms could use a newer look. Upgrading fixtures and appliances will not only increase home value but give you the feeling of change without the hassle of demolition. Have a fresh coat of paint applied on the walls and ceiling. Replace the sinks and faucets (which could take care of leaks in the process). You can also reface or refinish cabinet doors to go from outdated to clean and new looking.

Flooring upgrades
Replacing floors is a major undertaking. Refinishing hardwood flooring is more manageable and can make a big difference by getting rid of stains and scratches. It will look brand new, increase home value and make you want to be home more.

It may also be time to replace the carpet. A new texture or color can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room.

Don’t overlook the exterior

The siding may be old, but if it doesn’t show signs of deterioration, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. It’s like giving the house a facelift without surgery. And it’s the perfect opportunity to give overgrown trees a good trim or clean the vines climbing up the wall… In the process, cracks can be addressed (to shield from weathering and critters) and caulking around doors and windows will insulate and protect.

Nothing can increase home value like curb appeal and well designed backyards, especially in California where the weather is a sunny blessing (most of the time). Give your front yard a makeover. Pave part of the backyard to create a patio where it will be nice to entertain, maybe with a built-in grill and a play area.

It is possible to increase home value and satisfaction while on a budget and still make enough upgrades and improvements that you will feel good again about your home, its look and its comfort. If you put the house for sales, those efforts will make the difference and attract buyers.

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