Is Your Kitchen Remodeling Plan Functional?

Realize your dream of a beautiful new kitchen by starting at the beginning: a functional kitchen remodeling plan. While some parts of your plan will be common to any remodeling project, there are specific things to consider for a kitchen renovation. Focusing on these design basics will form a strong foundation for your dream kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling plan: the beginning

To start your kitchen remodeling plan, scrutinize your current kitchen and determine what is missing. Make a list of pros and cons to pinpoint problem areas - storage, seating, prep space - and formulate solutions. Prioritize your desires from most important to least.

Next, envision your family and lifestyle, both now and in the future. This Old House suggests identifying your kitchen personality. Consider how many people cook together, and their cooking style. Establish who uses the kitchen in addition to the cooks, and for what reasons. Identify your cleanup needs, and whether you prefer high-maintenance or low-maintenance surfaces and appliances.

Once you have a plan, make a budget and stick to it. Decide which parts of your plan are most important, and what can be dropped if needed. Research which features produce the highest ROI (return on investment) and budget for those that increase the value of your house.

Kitchen remodeling plan: the design

When considering the design of your kitchen, choose appliances first, then fit countertops and cabinetry around them. According to Martha Stewart, the Work Triangle is to be respected at all costs: stove, sink and refrigerator must be easily accessible and in close proximity to each other. Within that triangle, place the fridge where non-cooks have access without entering the work area.

If you’ve been in a cramped kitchen, you understand the need to design with space in mind. Wide walkways should allow two people to pass comfortably, and add extra space around the cooking areas. Increase counter space by adding an island and enlarging landing space to 15 inches on each side of the stove, refrigerator and microwave. Gain storage space with cabinet built-ins, pull-outs, stacking elements and recycling drawers.

Small things can cause big headaches, so make sure your design includes enough outlets in the backsplash, countertops and island. Check for swing patterns and door clearance, confirming that the refrigerator opens on the side you need it to and cabinet doors do not block the dishwasher.

A functional kitchen remodeling plan ties everything together from beginning to the final product: your beautiful new dream kitchen. Make the process fun by choosing an unusual backsplash, an unexpected color or unconventional art. Add the finishing touches that will designate your kitchen as the heart of your home.

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