What a Fancy Idea! A Review of the 5 Most Unusual Homes

Driving around the country, through cities or in remote places, we are bound to come across some unusual homes, an old structure that became or can become a residence, against all odds (mills, lighthouse, churches, barns, firehouses). Some are abandoned and in disarray, others are being bought d and turned into houses or condos. The trend is to repurpose the space to live in it, maybe as a way to disconnect from the diktats and reconnect with the past.

Imagination and Creativity

Unusual Homes Collum Construction

Old Clock Tower Transformed into a Penthouse

One Main street in Brooklyn, New York, this building belongs to a former industrial. The Dumbo project in Manhattan and the tower share the same developer, David Walentas.  This state of the art, contemporary triplex with a 360° views overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan. This breathtaking piece of real (surreal) estate originally estimated at $25 millions is now down to a much more affordable $18 millions.

Unusual Homes Collum Construction

Mushroom House  a.k.a. Pod House, Perinton New York

This one will make you feel like an Elf living 30 feet above the ground between the trees. It is so whimsical that it is often featured in books and TV shows. Although built in 1970, it is such an unusual home that it is still considered  contemporary in its architectural style today. The story goes that it was meant to look like Queen Anne’s lace but ended up looking like a mushroom. After being sold to the family who renovated it in 1996 it was re-acquired by a family cousin. This unusual home has been renovated but is not for sale though, it’s for rent for $10.000 a month.

Unusual homes, but historical treasures

Unusual Homes Collum Construction

Poplar Point Lighthouse

One of the most unusual homes that also happens to be the oldest wooden Lighthouse in the country (1831). Of course the original structure has seen add-ons since then including a guest house and a swimming pool. This historical and unusual home, situated on a peninsula, overlooking Hickford Harbor in North Kingstown, Rhode Island (New England) is for sale for $6.45 millions. But at that price you won’t enjoy the lights, they have been deactivated.

Unusual Homes Collum Construction

A Mill House

Love water, love nature, want an unusual home? Why not a historical mill? This Grist mill house in  Tennessee is a piece of prime real estate with no less than 500 acres. For a price tag of $2 millions you will own the historical GT Wilburn property that comprises the mill, the general store and the home. There is so much history, even civil war episodes, that it’s like owning a piece of Americana.

Unusual Homes Collum Construction

Grace and Prayers

Last but not least, the most affordable of our selection (the asking price is only $ 795.000) has no less history and charm. It has all the trimmings from the wooden pews to the glass windows and original light fixtures. Although the amenities have been remodeled and updated, the inside architecture is as exquisite as the outside. This is not a rural property for it is situated downtown Weatherford, but the thick stone walls keep the inside quiet while the location allows you to turn it into a type of business (it is currently a chapel and event center) but it could become a multi family home,  a condo or a bed and breakfast. It is indeed an unusual home with endless possibilities.  

This is a quick pick of some of the most unusual homes that can be found around this beautiful country of ours. Conserving a place that originally served a different purpose is quite fancy but also a seductive idea. Given the opportunity, any dream can become a reality and your imagination is the only limit to what can be your unusual home.